Has COVID-19 affected your big day?

Here are some tips on how to handle this difficult situation.

1 – Check your date with your venue.  Is the wedding still going ahead?

It may be that your wedding date falls into the current lockdown period, if that’s the case then your venue should inform you that your wedding will be cancelled and look at offering you alternative dates.

If your wedding is in Spring but not within the lockdown period your venue may wait for further government guidelines before changing your date.   If this is the case but it is making you anxious ask if they will allow to preliminarily reserve a ‘back up date’.


2 – Once you have a new potential wedding date – check with suppliers for their availability.  Making sure you prioritise your most important – which I would always suggest would be your wedding photographer.  To ensure the least money is lost, try and get a new date which as many of your suppliers can make as possible.  Depending on how close you are to your original wedding date you may be required to pay off some of your suppliers if they can’t make our new date.  Ensure you have contracts for all suppliers.


3 – There may or may not be rules regarding how many guests you can have at your wedding.

If you are over in numbers the first thing I would suggest you do is see who maybe doesn’t wish to come.  With everything going on over the last few months some families may choose to stay away from weddings.

You may have elderly or unwell guests who will either not be able to come due to poor health, or they are self-isolating.  With that in mind these people can come off your number’s straight way.

If you still find you are over in numbers and you have exhausted volunteers then it’s time to prioritise who you are closest too.  It’s not an easy thing to do but at the ned of the day if they are good family and friends they will understand.


3 – So you now have the go ahead for the new date – GREAT NEWS!

Get the new date sent out to all your guests, look forward to it, and if there are still rules in place when it comes to your new date, don’t worry.  You have rescheduled before so you can reschedule again.

The important thing is that you get to your wedding day happy, safe and healthy!


Covid-19 will not win, we will.