About Us

My name is Yvonne and I am the founder of Picture of Happiness.Picture of Happiness is a photography company specialising in weddings and families with a focus on reliability, professionalism, approachability and quality of service.

 I had an interest in photography when I was five, I was always taking pictures. I don’t know what sparked it back then, I just loved capturing memories and I used to put everything in albums and I have still got some of those albums with those really old photos in, particularly of donkeys and horses at the New Forest.

Now, when I take photos there’s more meaning behind it with what happened with my brother. Peter, was a very special person in my life, he was born with multiple disabilities and although was eight years older than me he was my little brother in so many ways. He lived until he was 39 years old which we now understand was a blessing but his loss made me really think about my little family, how lucky I am that I had all those photos and memories forever. I did not see the value in those photos when I was younger, now they mean everything to me. I appreciate the memories, I appreciate the value of them.

I now do feel more grateful for those people in my life and want all of our couples and families to have beautiful images of their loved ones to cherish for years to come.
We at Picture of Happiness do what we do because we want all our couples and families to have beautiful images of their loved ones so that they too, can cherish happy memories for years to come.

Picture of Happiness….. 

We care about you and your family’s happiness.