At Picture of Happiness we know that your family means the world to you, whether it be your parents, children, aunts and uncles, cousins, best friends, the list is endless as what makes family is how they make you feel.

We also know that out time with our loved ones is precious so why wouldn’t you want to ensure that you have captured as many of those happy memories with them as you can, moments you can cherish in years to come when they will mean so much more than they probably do now.

Our family photo sessions are created with that in mind.  

The sessions are focussed on you as a family, what do you like to do together?  What makes you all laugh?   How do you normally spend your time?   We will find this out about you before your session by getting to know you, you will also complete a short questionnaire to ensure you get the best out of your experience with us.

The sessions are done outdoors, it can be a location of your choice or a recommendation from us, and it will take between 1-2hrs.

We will have fun, we will laugh and we will play!  

If you would like to create memories and have some quality family time captured then please complete the contact us form.

We care about your family’s happiness.