So why have a family photo session in the Spring?

My question to that is why not?

Quality Family Time

Any photo session whether it be in the Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer is an opportunity to have some fun, whether fun to your family is paddling, climbing trees, having a picnic, building a den or looking for bugs.  While you are enjoying yourselves, I will be documenting the experience capturing the real fun, the real smiles, the real you.

The Colours

The advantage of a Spring session are the colours, there is no other time of year where the flora is as beautiful, light, warm and fresh as it is in the months of April and May.  The yellow of the daffodils, the blues and purples of the bluebells, the white of garlic plants and the fresh greens that have newly grown. These colours look amazing as a back drop to your family fun and really can’t be beaten.

A Mothers Day Gift

Why not book a family session as a surprise gift for your Mum, Grandmother, Wife or Partner?  Mothers Day is on March 22nd this year, you could purchase a voucher showing a paid for family session which I am sure all Mums would be overjoyed at receiving!

Treat Yourself, Time Goes Fast

Time is short and the years can pass incredibly quickly, sometimes you just need to treat yourself.  If you have thought about having a photo session and always put it off thinking “oh next year”, then maybe this year is the year to just go ahead and book it.   

Our children grow so fast, one minute they are newborn’s with tiny fingers and toes, the next they are walking and running, the next they are in school uniform and then they are going out late and dating! So before they get too old and don’t want that cuddle so much anymore, treat yourself and get a photographer to capture your family before it’s too late.

If you are interested in booking a Spring Bluebell Session with Picture of Happiness please click contact me and we will get you booked in – lets have some fun!